Pets Transportation

At Freight Royal Logistic, Relocation pets requires careful planning and gentle handling. Our pet relocation specialists will help your pets safetly reach their new home. Emphasizing safety and comfort, we navigate the regulations, manage the paperwork and handle your pet with gentle hands and soft voice. We go to great length to make sure that your pets travel is stress free. Our service is in constant communication with all policy making agencies; we work with them on daily bases.

We confirm current airline regulations with every flight booked and know the best routing for your pet travel. Our crate labeling system insures that your pet gets to the correct destination. We track the travel and provide you with a tracking reference number, and confirm your pets’ safe arrival. In the unlikely event of a unforeseen circumstance we will know what to do and notify you immediately

We provide special transportation services for pets moving within the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, Europe and internationally. Focusing on your pet’s safety and comfort, our pet transportation specialists help you with every details:

  • Itineraries and flight arrangements for pet,
  • Ground transportation of pets,
  • Travel crates,
  • Overnight boarding,
  • Health certificates and travel documents,
  • Identification and labeling,